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This page houses a collection of organic chemistry study notes. We intend them to present a condensed but clear overview of key elements of the material. Our primary sources have been the lectures of Dr. Sklenicka in CHEM 2127 and 2128, 2008-2009.

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Reference all classes of reactions to the Reaction Index and classes of compounds to the Compound Index. Functional group transformations (with reagents) are also indexed in the Synthesis Table.

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Task List

  • Experiment with the tabview feature. This might be useful when there are multiple examples or exercises. Two successive reaction examples might well be housed in tabview. An example may be found in this article: Dehydration of Alcohols.
  • Update compound entries which have non-ChemSketch images.
  • Finish making articles, complete at least with skeleton and picture, for compound types thus far studied.
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